Math vs Physics in High School: Which Sets You up for Success in Game Development?

You’re a high school student who loves video games and is wondering what classes you should take to prepare for a lucrative career in game creation. You’re in the correct place, then! Today, we’re going to talk about math and physics, two important topics that are very important in the gaming industry. Enter the fray!

The Role of Math and Physics in Game Development

Math and physics are at the heart of game production, whether it’s calculating an angry bird’s flight path or figuring out a character’s realistic movements.

Why Math is Important

  1. Geometry and Trigonometry: Ever wonder how characters move naturally or how 3D models are made? The answers lie in geometry and trigonometry. That is trigonometry and geometry in action. For 3D modeling, animation, and character movement, an understanding of angles and shapes is essential.
  2. Algebra and Calculus: Calculus and algebra are frequently used in game design. For instance, you might need to figure out a character’s speed or the pace at which resources are collected. Calculus and algebra can be used to assist with these computations.
  3. Statistics: You’ll be using probability if you’re developing a game that includes random aspects like loot drops or randomly generated levels.

Why Physics is Important

  1. Realistic Movements: In a game, interactions and movements are governed by physics. For instance, physics allows a soccer ball to be kicked in a game with realistic arcs and descents.
  2. Game Mechanics: Physics concepts can be used to create original game mechanics. Consider the gravity-switching feature in video games like “VVVVVV” — that’s a clever application of physics!
  3. Engaging Gameplay: Physics-based puzzles can provide entertaining gameplay. For instance, the physics behind games like “Angry Birds” and “Portal” are well known.

Math or Physics: Which One?

The million-dollar query is presented here. Should you choose math or physics, if you had to? The truthful response is both, of course!

Although you can absolutely focus more on one than the other, having a strong foundation in both math and physics will be helpful when developing games. They are two sides of the same coin that frequently overlap and support one another. They are a game developer’s main source of income.

How to Prepare to Excel in Game Development

  1. Study Hard: Continue working hard at your math and physics schoolwork. You’ll get better the more you practice.
  2. Programming: Try to pick up some programming knowledge. Start with a beginner-friendly programming language, such Python or Scratch. Later, you can advance to languages like C# (used in Unity) or C++ (used in Unreal Engine), which are frequently used in game creation.
  3. Make Games: Begin by creating easy games. Utilize platforms with a wealth of resources for beginners, such as Unity or Unreal Engine. It’s the finest method to put your knowledge of physics and math to use.
  4. Keep Gaming: Continue to play games! Here, you may observe how math and physics are put to use. When you see something cool in a game, ask yourself, “how did they do that?” It may be a fantastic source of knowledge and inspiration.
  5. Be Curious: Ask questions and look for answers. New methods and technologies are being created on a regular basis in the game production industry.
  6. Never Stop Learning: Continue to learn even after you graduate from high school. There is always more to learn about game creation, whether it is through a college degree, online courses, or independent study.

For prospective game creators, math and physics both offer essential skills. They are instruments to create captivating and immersive environments where gamers can lose themselves, not merely abstract ideas to learn in school. The following time you find yourself struggling with a challenging math issue or a perplexing physics topic, keep in mind that you are actually preparing for a fantastic job in game development. Are you ready?

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